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Non Latex

Non-Latex Condoms

When it comes to choosing condoms, most Americans are often found arguing whether latex condoms are actually better than non-latex condoms. It should be taken into consideration that everyone has got their own preferences and there is little that you can do to change someone’s mind, who obviously doesn’t like latex or non-latex condoms.

The majority in favor of non-latex condoms are obviously those people who have allergies to latex, which means that using a latex condom for them could be life-threatening. If you are allergic to latex, then coming into contact with latex can cause blistering rashes, and in turn, itchy skin.


Luckily for you though, there are non-latex condoms also available and can do the job for you quite easily. There are, however, some important things that you should learn about non-latex condoms, which are as follows:

  • They can prevent allergic reactions
  • There are lots of non-latex alternative condoms
  • Non-latex condoms can also expire


So if you are allergic to latex, always choose non-latex condoms before having intercourse.

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