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How to Use a Condom

It is good to know how to use a condom in order to prevent pregnancy or a medical problem.

Using a condom is one of the most responsible acts a human being can perform. Stated quite frankly, using condoms can save your life or the life of a buddy. Unfortunately many instances of pregnancy, disease, and other mishaps still occur because people do not follow the instructions on the package of condoms. We feels strongly about our condoms and wants all our customers to follow these simple yet life saving instructions every time you use one of the our condoms.

  1. Check the expiration date, never use expired condoms.

  2. Open package at one corner, never use your teeth.

  3. Squeeze the tip of the condom. This is to eliminate air bubbles. (Adding a couple drops of a water based lubricant on the inside tip can increase sensate and decrease chance of breakage).

  4. Unroll the condom fully to the base of the Penis.

  5. After intercourse, unroll the condom while the penis is still erect. Discard used condom in the trash, not the toilet. Dispose of the condom yourself, trusting someone else with your D.N.A can result in 18 years of child support payments.

  6. Never reuse a condom, always use a new condom.

  7. Remember keep condoms away from heat, like a glove box and do not store in your wallet.

If you need more information about our condoms, safe handling practices, or usage instructions we urge you to visit each manufacturers website for specific information related to condoms.

These are not your dad's old drug store condoms. With today's state of the art designs and new materials, condoms can actually increase pleasure for you and your partner while potentially saving your life and possibly over a quarter million dollars in child support.

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