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When it comes to condoms and pleasure, the thinner they are the better the feeling. A lot of men around the world prefer thin to ultra-thin condoms because they give the feeling of not wearing a condom. Okamoto is a Japanese condom manufacturer and right now they are making huge waves in the condom industry. The reason behind that is their state-of-the-art manufacturing technology that has been used in the Okamoto condoms, which are marketed as the thinnest, strongest and silky-smooth condoms that are available today.

This gives men a more natural and sensual feeling, and that is why they are so highly sought after. The Okamoto condom brand is the leading brand in Japan, but it has recently come into the U.S. and has quickly become one of the most popular condom brands that are marketed today. Okamoto condoms are regarded to be the thinnest condoms that are available in the market, and that is the reason behind their massive success.

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