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More seniors getting STD'S

If you think that old age reduces a person’s libido, you’re not quite right. A lot of senior citizens admit they’re still sexually active with the males resorting to the Viagra and other medications that can improve their stamina. What’s surprising about this reality is that a growing number of older people are also getting sexually transmitted diseases. A study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed an increase in the number of seniors aged 55 and above with syphilis and Chlamydia infections. The research done from 2005 to 2009 revealed a 43 percent rise in the number of cases with Florida leading the pack. Another British study found the same results among adults aged from 50 to 90. The research published in 2012 in the Student British Medical Journal discovered that 80 percent of them are having sex more than ever. Besides syphilis and Chlamydia, the findings also showed that HIV cases are growing. In the U.K., 20 percent of HIV cases are in seniors aged 50 and older. In the U.S., a 2010 report revealed that some 2,550 cases of syphilis affected adults aged from 45 to 65. Chlamydia cases among the same age group went up to 19,600 as of 2010. According to the health experts, there are varied reasons why this is happening. Unsafe sex is a major factor. Firstly, they pointed out that the seniors of today were the free spirited and liberated youth back then. This means that during their younger years, many may not have used the condom when they had sex with their partners. Secondly, they may have had different sexual partners during those times and not used any personal protection when they made out. Additionally, they may have had sex on a frequent basis and were not taught properly on the ways they can prevent STD transmission. The use of Viagra and other sex enhancement drugs also contribute to the rise of STD cases among people in their retirement age. With these medications they can rely on, many older folks still want to have sex not only with their spouses but perhaps even with different partners. The attitude has something to do with it as well. Some older women, for instance, believe that since they no longer have their monthly period, they won’t get pregnant anymore and they can have sex without contraceptives. There are also older men who refuse to wear condoms saying that it only contributes to erectile dysfunction. Social media and the advent of online dating sites are being blamed, too. The U.K.-based Daily Mail reported that adults aged 50 and older are those who frequently engaged in online dating. Many of them are divorcees or those who have already lost their spouses and being single, they are more likely to take their dating in the real world to see each other in person. Apart from the increase in sexually transmitted diseases, authorities are also concerned about the health repercussions. Considering that old age is already associated with a lot of illnesses such as diabetes and heart problems, STDs can also cause more damage to a senior citizen’s overall health condition.


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