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Bware of STD'S looks can e deceiving

Illnesses can strike people regardless of age, gender, nationality and socio economic status. The rich are not exempted from getting sick. Just because they have the wealth to pay for their treatment as well as for the high fees of doctors and specialists doesn’t mean they can be spared all the time.

This holds true for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The number of people affected by STDs is in the millions. In the U.S. alone, some 19 million get new infections every year and it’s estimated that half of the population of the country will suffer from at least one STD throughout their lifetime. In the U.K., the number of cases continues to increase as well.

Unprotected sex is a major cause of STD transmission among both teens and adults. When people engage in a sexual act do not use condoms and other contraceptives, there’s a greater likelihood that they can get infected by their partners who may be carriers of the virus or bacteria.

What should be noted here is that some sexually transmitted diseases do not display specific symptoms. Sometimes, men who show no symptom but who got infected do not even suffer for the long term. Women, on the other hand, are at greater risk of developing complications moving forward.

Among young adults, the rate is also alarming. In the 12 million new cases of STDs reported each year, 25 percent are aged between 15 and 19. The increase in the number of cases can be attributed to the fact that STDs are asymptomatic and therefore, are not easily diagnosed and treated early on.

As there’s no way one can tell that a man or woman is a carrier of an STD, many are deceived by looks. They can get tempted to go out with someone who’s physically attractive and end up in bed with that person not mindful of the consequences.

With social media and online dating being so popular these days, it is also possible for people to be easily swayed by infected people. Normally, online dating ends up in two people seeing each other face to face and who knows, when they like each other, they could end up having sex and doing it on a regular basis. But you don’t exactly know how many sexual partners that person has had so the risk of getting STD is always there.

The risk is also greater when both parties involved do not use any form of contraceptive or personal protection tool such as the condom. Health authorities have always stressed that condoms can protect sexually active people from STDs and unwanted pregnancy and its effectiveness has been proven with consistent and correct use of the rubber.

The urban areas are where most sexually transmitted infections often occur. Adults here earn an income and thus, can afford to pay for sex. The risk is also high among people belonging to the low socioeconomic groups and among those who use illegal drugs and engage in prostitution. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers syphilis, gonorrhea and chancroid as the main sexually transmitted diseases. The others considered to be pathogens but can still be transmitted through sexual acts include herpes, Chlamydia, human papillomavirus (HPV), HIV and hepatitis B virus (HBV).


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