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How Swingers Can Protect Themselves

Many people know that when a person is committed to a steady relationship including marriage, he or she is expected to be loyal to his partner and maintain a monogamous lifestyle. This means not dating other people and not having multiple sex partners. When one is found to continue seeing others and engaging in casual sex with them, this is often considered cheating.

However, there are people involved in a relationship but freely have sex with multiple partners without necessarily being referred to as cheaters. They are called swingers or those who adopt a swinging lifestyle. They can include business owners, policemen, fire fighters, insurance and real estate agents, lawyers, doctors and even executives of top companies.

Swingers normally belong to a group or club of people who are fond of social activities and who share the same lifestyle. With the consent of their spouse or partner, they have sex with others to fulfill their personal desires.

These people can meet up at informal gatherings or at a planned meeting to be with other swingers. They may also meet initially online through the dating websites.

According to those who have experienced this kind of lifestyle as well as the experts, swinging helps them achieve a more satisfying sex life. Some claim it enables them to fulfill their fantasies and improve the quality of their sexual experience. The others even say it helps make their committed relationship stronger.

While some may think that a swinger often engages in sexual intercourse, it is not always the case. Some allow only oral sex while the others only want to be observed or to just observe. Some may engage in intercourse but will only allow kissing with their real partners. It’s a matter of attitude and not necessarily rules for those leading a swinging lifestyle.

Medical experts, however, point out that a swinging lifestyle involves risks particularly with regards to a person’s health. Those who don’t use condoms and other contraceptives can contract various types of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. They added that it is extremely important for swingers to practice safe sex in order to enjoy their sexual experience.

If your partner or spouse is the sensitive type and could not tolerate this swinging lifestyle, it’s not a good idea to adopt it. It can cause much emotional stress on the non-swinger spouse and if the issue is not resolved, could lead to divorce in the future.


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