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What is the Proper Way to Use a Condom?

Adults who are sexually active need to protect themselves in order to stay fit and healthy. And one way to do that is by using a condom.

With so millions of people getting sick these days from various diseases, it’s a must to be responsible in one’s actions particularly when it comes to sex. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that some 19 million new infections caused by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are being recorded each year in the U .S. alone. These STDs include Chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital herpes and human papillomavirus (HIV) which causes AIDS.

STDs can affect all types of people regardless of age, racial background and sexual orientation. Those who are at high risk include people who are sexually active as well as those who lack access to quality health information and prevention services.

Fortunately, there’s the condom that people regardless of income, race and education can very well afford. And it’s readily available as well you can buy it at drugstores or from various online retail shops. Thanks to the efforts of manufacturers, the rubber has also improved and different types and sizes are now on the market.

It’s important to note, however, that adults who want to benefit from the condom need to use it the proper way. This is the best way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and from infectious diseases. While experts acknowledge that condom use does not guarantee a person won’t get STD, it lessens the risk of being infected.

So how does a person use a condom? There are guidelines on this and if followed every time you have sex, you can be assured of your personal protection.

First, a condom should be used once only. Every time you have sex, you need to use a new one.

Secondly, put the condom on when the penis is erect and before making any contact with your partner.

Thirdly, pinch the tip of the rubber if it does not have a reservoir tip. This is to leave room for the semen. Make sure that you pinch about half-inch at the tip before you unroll the condom all the way to the base.

Apply a lubricant or spermicide outside the condom before intercourse.

Once you’ve ejaculated, hold tight the rim of the condom and carefully withdraw from your partner. Then pull off the rubber slowly from the penis.

If you feel a breakage has occurred, stop the act and pull out. Make sure to use a new condom.

Remember that being careful with what you do every time you have sex can go a long way in maintaining your health.


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