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Ways to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Studies have shown that the rate of teen pregnancy has been increasing. A research by Guttmacher Institute, for instance, showed that the rate went up by three percent since 2006. This was after a low for 10 years.

In the U.S., a sharp decline was noted in the 1990s. This was attributed to the easy access to contraceptives such as the condom.

Unfortunately, the rate again experienced a rise in the early part of 2000s. The rise was attributed to the abstinence-education implemented by the Bush administration.

Another national survey done in 2002 that covered heterosexual teens aged 15 to 19 suggested that comprehensive sex education can help lessen teen pregnancy. The lead author said there’s no harm in teaching teens about abstinence and birth control.

This particular study revealed that 60 percent who received comprehensive sex education were less likely to report becoming pregnant or causing pregnancy to a young lady. Those who received abstinence-only education were also 30 percent less likely to be involved in the same situation.

Another significant finding was that those who were educated fully about sex other than just practicing abstinence were less likely to engage in vaginal intercourse.

In terms of sexually transmitted diseases, however, there was no clear trend on the lowering the likelihood of STD cases whether or not the teenager received comprehensive sex or abstinence-only education.

For parents who worry about their teens, constant guidance is vital. It’s not enough that you rely on the education provided by your child’s school. Even though the school provides sex education to its students, the parents should still make it a point to discuss this issue with their teens. This will make them aware of their responsibilities as a young adult and that they have the right to say no if they don’t want to do it.

It should be your responsibility to keep track of what your teens are doing and find a way to communicate with them. Keep in mind that it’s when teens become aware of their parent’s support and affection to them that they are encouraged to open up.

Discussing the use of condoms is also very essential. If you respect your teen’s right to have sex, at least you should remind him or her to bring a condom particularly if you have a young man who is fond of socializing. Always stress to them the importance of practicing safe sex to avoid serious problems.


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