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Use of Female Condoms Pushed

It’s been around for decades but not many women are very familiar with it. We’re talking about the female condoms, the counterpart of the regular male condom worn by men during sexual intercourse.

The female version is similar in appearance to the male condom but slightly bigger and is made from nitrile. As its name suggests, it is worn by women during intercourse. And being a condom, its purpose is to prevent unwanted pregnancy and the transmission of infectious diseases.

In Chicago, women and gay men’s health organizations have been carrying out a campaign to promote the female condoms to the masses. The Chicago Female Condom Campaign recently posted on Facebook pictures of people carrying signs saying why they like the product while the Female Health Company has create a new packaging for the condoms to make it more attractive to users.

Also the city’s Public Health Department plans to distribute some 10 million male and female condoms this 2012. In 2009, the FDA likewise approved a cheaper version of the condom to make it more affordable to people.

The coalition is pushing for the use of the female contraceptive despite the issues involved such as its high price and low availability being sold only at sex shops. The only advantage being seen here is that this condom allows women to have control over the contraceptive they can use.

More extensive education is also recommended to increase awareness of the existence and availability of the female condom. Sexual health educators are surprised that many young people and students don’t have any idea about it and have never seen one.

Female condoms actually benefit not only the women but the males as well. Firstly, it can be used by people allergic to latex and because it’s thinner, it feels natural as it can easily transfer body heat. And unlike the male version, it can be used with all types of lubricants.


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