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Need for Consistent Condom Use Urged

Condoms are effective tools in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. But it’s not a given that when a man or woman uses it, they are totally protected and they can enjoy their sexual experience for as long as they want.

It should be remembered that the rubber becomes very effective only when it is used correctly and the size is the perfect fit. Otherwise, it can break or slip off while you’re having sex.

Consistent use is as important to ensure that the rubber makes you safe while you’re doing it with your partner. By this, it means using it every time you have sex and not just when you feel like using it.

In 2008, a study was conducted on the use of condoms and consistency among young male adults aged 15 to 19 in the U.S. The research findings were published in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

The goal was to determine how people use the rubber and how frequent they use it when engaging in sex. They considered factors such as using the personal tool during first sexual intercourse, at last sexual encounter, consistency with most recent partner and in the last four weeks. The researchers also took into account race, family structure and family socioeconomic status.

Based on the study’s findings, there was improvement in the use of condom among the respondents. Some 71 percent used it when they first lose their virginity and during their last sexual encounter. In the area of consistency, 50 percent used it with their most recent partner while 68 percent used it regularly a month prior to the survey.

Between those who received sexual education and those who did not before they had their first sex, those who did not receive any type of education on this subject matter or 50 percent were less likely to use the rubber.

Among the ethnic groups, the African-Americans were more bent on using the rubber compared to the whites. The Hispanics were half as likely as the non-Hispanic teens to use the condom consistently.

Attitude was also seen as a major factor in developing the habit of consistent usage of the rubber. The study found that young males who had more positive attitudes towards this popular contraception were more likely to use it every time they had sex.

An important point of the study was the provision of early sexual education to ensure that teens develop the habit of using the condom every time.


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