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Men Should Do Kegels for Better Sexual Endurance

Men in nature often want to be in total control of their sexual performance. They are conscious of the way they do it and the way they satisfy their partners. It boosts their confidence when they know they gave their partner the most pleasure.

Studies have shown that working out is one effective way for improving sex. The reason is that when the body is well toned, it gives a man more strength and endurance.

There are many exercises that physiologists recommend to boost a man’s sexual prowess. Most are for making the back and abs strong such as the pushups and the crunches.

But did you know that there’s one particular exercise that can also improve the penis? It’s the Kegel exercise which is actually often used for women to improve their pelvic muscles and their sexual performance as well. This exercise is recommended even for the pregnant women to help them when they deliver their babies. It is also recommended as a post-partum exercise.

This exercise was discovered by Dr. Arnold Kegel in the 1940s. His objective was to help tighten the vaginas of women after they give birth.

Men who wish to improve their sex lives can do this as well. While some say this don’t have any benefits to the penis, it has been found that doing the exercise can indirectly enlarge the penis and cure other problems. Among the male issues that can be addressed by Kegel include premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Medical experts have named Kegel as the sexercise owing to the benefits it provides to men.

Better penile blood flow is what this exercise helps enhance. When this is achieved, the ripple effects are plenty. This then results in longer erections and a harder or even bigger penis. Keep in mind that the male’s private part contains numerous blood vessels so when blood flow is improved, the better the erection and the harder the penis becomes.

In addition, those who have used Kegel have confirmed that the angle of their erection also improved. From a position of pointing towards the floor when erect, their penis now points straight out after doing the exercise regularly.

In terms of ejaculation, there are several benefits the Kegel exercise provides. One is the volume. The other is the intensity. In short, the penis is able to release more owing to its healthy state. Additionally, the shooting distance of the ejaculation is increased. This is proof of the strength of the male genital after continuously doing the exercise.

For men who want to control their tendency to urinate and ejaculate prematurely, the Kegel is the perfect thing to do on a regular basis. As the pelvic muscles are toned up, those who often urinate in the middle of the night need not get up like before because they can better control their urge now.

They can also control their ejaculation when needed if they want to provide their partner with long lasting pleasure during sex.

What’s important to note here as well is to use the condom for every sexual act. With a more improved penis and erection, it would be easy for you and your partner to put on the condom no matter the type you’re using.


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