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Knowing When to Leave and Move On

There are women who, for the love of their spouse and the sake of their marriage, commit to sticking it out with their partners despite the hardships they endure through the years. They are to be admired for their strength, patience and dedication to keeping their marital bond intact.

But how much is too much to take? Is it right to give up when you think you’ve done your all and the relationship continues to be rocky? When is the right time to leave and move on with your life?

Some relationship experts say you can call it quits if you’re not benefiting from the relationship any longer and if you’re suffering more than you’re happy with what’s going on. The author of “Being a Man in a Woman’s World” pointed out it’s okay to move on if a couple does not have kids to attend to. Dr. Dennis Neder, an ordained minister, explained that it’s not healthy if a woman’s needs are not met by his spouse because the stress will always be there. When you’re not satisfied with your relationship, there’s no point in staying put.

According to the author, the purpose of a relationship is to enhance a person’s journey in life. He said that for people who are trying hard and using up all their energies to save their relationship, they are only wasting time.

Before you move on to a new relationship, however, Dr. Neder stressed that people should first determine the path they’d like to take and find others who are pursuing their own journey who could become an ideal partner. This is what people should prioritize before they even create their relationships.

What’s common among marriages, the author further said, is that many of those involved cling to the other and are afraid of becoming self-sufficient. This leads them to feel insecure and persistent in keeping their relationship together no matter how unhealthy it has become.

Wives, however, who have long felt unsatisfied with their marriage should watch out for the signs if they plan to leave for good. These signs include lack of communication and lack of quality time together, criticizing one another, trying to change your partner, comparing your spouse to other people, you have a low self-esteem and the relationship becomes one-sided with you always the giver and not benefiting from the relationship. If these signs continue for the long term, then it’s time that you consider ending your marriage.


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