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Is Having Many Sexual Partners Dangerous?

Sex is thrilling and pleasurable particularly when done with the person you love. People do this whether they’re single or married. The curiosity starts during early puberty years while the act peaks at adulthood.

Men are often the ones who want to experience sex with different partners. They would even brag about the number of partners they had.

Women, in contrast, are often the monogamous type who would stick it out with only one partner for as long as they are in a steady relationship. There are also teenagers who abide by their parents’ teachings to wait until they married before having sex. But it cannot be denied that there are also some women who are sexually active and have different sexual partners in their lifetime.

So what’s really the significance of this number? Should people use this as a gauge in looking for a lifetime partner? Should they remove from their list those who have more than seven sex partners?

A sex researcher and educator at the Indiana University said an individual’s sexual history is just one aspect of his total personality. As such, the number should not bother you too much.

According to sex expert Debby Herbenick, who has spent many years researching on people’s sexual behavior, the median number of partners women have these days is four. For men, the median number of partners is seven.

In terms of claiming the number of partners they had, both sexes differ. Herbenick said women have a tendency to report lower numbers. Men, on the other hand, trend to brag and exaggerate their sex numbers. When it comes to accuracy, however, women are the winner.

This is because they can normally list down their ex partners by name while the men are more into making guesses only.

Sex educator Debby Herbenick added that based on her work, there can never really be a precise number when it comes to the number of sexual partners people have had. One reason is that people view sex differently. She pointed out the findings of a past study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showing that not all respondents considered oral and anal sex as the real act. What many considered as real sex was the vaginal intercourse. As this is the case, the sex expert said you cannot be certain about the number of sex partners that respondents claim as some might not include the oral and anal acts.

Finally, the research scientist stressed that regardless of the number of sexual partners people have in their early adults years or in their lifetime, they need to be careful. Adults need to know that there’s always a risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases particularly for those who have sex with different people often.

An important thing that people should always remember is to use a condom or any other form of contraception that they find comfortable to use. Condoms are the most popular and with thinner types available today, users can be sure to have the most pleasure while doing sex with their partners.


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