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How to Avoid Sexual Perversion

Perversion or what psychologists refer to as sexual desires comes in different forms. Some are simple and can be avoided as time goes by while the others when they develop into addiction can become disorders.

To make it clear, perversion does not necessarily aim for sexual intercourse. What often happens is the person seeks for stimuli that can fulfill his desires hence the use of objects, animals and children are very common.

The common causes of perversion include emotions that are not fully expressed, unclear and inaccurate self-image, denial of need for sexuality as well as social and cultural discrepancies. Often, this starts as a habit until it becomes a routine which the person concerned seem normal when actually it is already beyond normal.

Experts explain that this problem can be solved by the person involved. An initial step that needs to be done is self-assessment. Ask yourself if the perversion prevents you from leading a good life and if people are hurt because of what you do. If you can, write down the areas of your life that get affected by this behavior and accept that you are indeed having problems dealing with it.

If you wish to solve this issue, be committed to avoiding ideas and images that increase your lust. Observe yourself and then develop self-discipline. You have to practice self-control and instead find activities that can divert your attention. For men who are attracted to breasts, for instance, it’s better to focus on a woman’s eyes perhaps or her words.

Another suggestion is to learn to have normal sex more often. This way, you are better able to satisfy yourself and your desires.

But in case not-so-good thoughts enter your mind, just be alert and immediately divert your attention to other things. Do some exercise, take a bath or meet a friend so you can think of better things.


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