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Friends with benefits

Friends with Benefits Lead Safe Sex Life These days, it’s fast and easy for people to make new friends. With the internet and social media around, one can pick friends online or from the friends of their friends. Once you get in touch with them through a private message or a chat and the other responds, you can already start building a new friendship. Online friendships can definitely be pursued in the real world. That’s what normally happens. In fact, some people make friends not only for friendship’s sake but with an expectation to get intimate with the other person. They end up being friends with benefits. Surveys have shown that this type of relationship is becoming very common. It is estimated that half of youngsters in college have experienced being in this kind of partnership. Other studies revealed that 63 percent of single men and women are into this as well. People in this kind of a relationship have their own personal reasons for getting involved. Some have certain agreements such as no commitment or emotional attachment but just plain sex and the others just go with the flow carrying their relationships for years. While those involved in such relationships are seen as having a risky sexual behavior, a new study has actually found the opposite. The research that covered 376 people in their mid-20s in an online survey showed that people involved in friends-with-benefits relationships are more likely to use condoms than those who are in traditional romantic ties. The study was published in November 2012 in the Journal of Sex Research. The authors of the study said this may be so because these people often have multiple sexual partners and were less likely to stick with a single person. While 93 percent of those in traditional relationships claimed to be monogamous, only 36 percent of those friends with benefits are. The researchers also found that those in this kind of a relationship were not satisfied with their sex life and are less likely to talk about sex as well as their sexual desires. They strongly recommended continued sex education particularly to young people such as those in college to disseminate the health implications of being in a friends-with-benefits relationship. In addition, the researchers stressed that despite their frequent condom use, people in such partnerships are still considered having a risky sexual behavior. Studies have shown that having multiple sexual partners can result in sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and certain forms of cancer such as that affecting the cervix in women. Friends with benefit are often described as not ready to have an intimate relationship with another person, have a tendency to be jealous and want to experiment with different partners. They normally don’t want to be attached to the person emotionally so that it would be easy for them to leave in case something goes wrong with their relationship. This type of relationship may not last long and although it’s common for the partners to agree to avoid any commitment or emotional attachment, sometimes it’s not always the case.


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