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Are Climax Control Condoms Helpful?

Condoms are getting better at answering people’s needs as time goes by. Thanks to the leading manufacturers, this personal rubber protection has become more advanced providing users with a lot of choices today.

With the different types and sizes of condoms available today, adults can pick the ones that suit their lifestyle best. There’s sure to be one for every need.

People who are sensitive to latex can now use the ones made from the polyurethane material. Those gifted with a bigger penis can enjoy a comfortable sexual experience using the large size condoms. Those who wish to wear condoms that feel like second skin can use the super thin ones that claim to make adults feel like they’re not wearing any rubber protection at all. Finally, those who often experience premature ejaculation can now get help using the climax control condoms.

The climax control type benzocaine that works by making the penis slightly numb but without losing the sensation. This means that the user can enjoy longer pleasure as he wants without fear of ejaculating early on. And it’s not only the male that benefits from this condom because the female partner can also experience sexual pleasure. As such, it’s a win-win solution. Additionally, it comes with a climax delay lubricant to help the user.

Currently, Durex and Trojan manufacture this type of climax control condoms.


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