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Working Out Linked to Frequent Sex in Men

Men often want to be seen as more powerful than women. This is what the traditional society taught us.

Physically, yes men can have more power over women. They can build up their physique by doing exercises and going to the gym on a regular basis.

On the more intimate side, they can improve their sex lives as well. Many studies have proven that regular exercise indeed can boost a man’s sexual drive and provide more pleasure to his partner. In addition, it can lead him to have sex more often than usual.

Exercise causes both a physiological and psychological improvement in a person’s sex life. The positive effect holds true not only for men but for women as well. In terms of sex, the benefits are in the sexual function, frequency and the percentage of satisfying orgasms. All these benefits lead to a happy and healthy individual.

There are various ways as to how exercise enhances an individual’s sex life.

First, the sexual performance is improved. Keep in mind that on the part of men, doing the sexual act is an intense physical activity. As such, they need strength and endurance which they can get through regular exercise. If their body is toned up, they can do different positions without feeling the aches and pains afterwards. In short, they can better control themselves.

The arousal level is also increased when one is in better shape. This applies to both men and women. The more aroused the person, the better is the blood flow to the genitals.

Secondly, exercise boosts a person’s confidence. This is because when your body is in better shape, you feel good and comfortable. When this is achieved, the higher is the sex drive which means you become relaxed and more satisfied when you make love with your partner. On the part of men, they feel they are better able to provide greater pleasure to women owing to their enhanced self-image.

Thirdly, when a person does regular exercise, the more sex hormones and positive chemicals are released. These are the testosterone, endorphins and adrenaline. It has been found that men experienced higher levels of testosterone after six weeks of weight training. The other positive effects include more frequent erections, increased sexual urges, better toned muscles and bone density. Emotionally, increased testosterone levels also led to reduced instances of depression and fatigue.

The other chemicals, endorphin and adrenaline, help in improving an individual’s pleasure and well-being. They lead to higher sexual arousal and better orgasm on the part of women. It has also been shown that endorphins can lower stress which can oftentimes hamper a person’s desire to have sex.

Experts, however, warned not to go beyond your limits when it comes to doing exercise. Too much of it is not good as they can have the opposite effect. So do things in moderation.

Also worth noting is the use of condom every time you have sex. The condom is the most readily available protection that you can use against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy so always have it handy.


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