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Women Who Drink Red Wine Have Better Sex Life

Wine is considered one of the oldest alcoholic drinks. This is normally part of a meal particularly for the Europeans.

Drinking red wine has been proven by studies to have great benefits to a person’s health. The heart benefits more from this compared to other types of drinks that contain alcohol. Resveratrol is said to be the ingredient that helps increase the good cholesterol and therefore, help maintain a healthy heart by preventing the occurrence of blood clots and inflammation. The other ingredient found in red wine that benefits humans is the polyphenol which is an antioxidant.

Gender-wise, a study has found that women who drink red wine claimed to have a satisfying sex life. The research done at the University of Florence in Italy that had some 800 Tuscan women aged 18 to 50 as respondents found out that those who drank one to two glasses of the wine had a more fulfilling sexual experience. Their sex life was measured through the arousal, orgasm, satisfaction and pain that they encountered. A high score meant better sexual health.

One of the study’s major findings was that those who drank at least two glasses a day scored 27.3 points. Those who drank only a glass scored 25.9 while the non-drinkers got 24.4 points.

According to the lead author, the link between wine drinking and sexuality can be traced back to the time of Ancient Greece.

Although there was no clear evidence as to how red wine can cause a woman’s sex drive to improve, it has been suggested that the antioxidants in the drink benefits the lining of blood vessels, widening them and thereby increasing blood flow to the different parts of the body.

Other than increasing a woman’s sexual desire, drinking red wine regularly can help decrease the waistline. A separate study that involved some 20,000 trim middle aged and older women found that those who drank red wine did not gain much weight compared to the non-drinkers.

Owing to these range of benefits that can be gained from red wine, it’s about time women think about considering a glass or two of this drink as part of their daily meals. This is just one of the ways that you can live longer as proven by the several studies done in the past and in recent years.

Women, most especially the married ones, need regular sex to connect with their partners in a more intimate way. And being the body conscious that they are, they also need to eat healthy and maintain their normal weight to live long.

So who says that life does not offer much that can satisfy people? You can still drink and enjoy sex at any age if you so desire. Just remember that the keyword is moderation. When taken in moderation, there are always benefits to be gained from drinking wine.

With all these advantages to red wine already being repeated time and again, women still not in the know should try drinking this and find out the effects for yourself.


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