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The Other Benefits of Sex You Still Have to Know

Engaging in sex is natural for the adult humans. It’s one important part of life that people, whether single or married, are privileged to enjoy. It’s what they call human instinct.

You may already know about the various benefits of doing this act particularly with a partner. Several studies have already proven that sex can be good to one’s body and emotional state.

One popular benefit of sex is it lowers a person’s risk of heart disease. A 2001 study by the Queens University found that men having sex three or more times in a week cut their risk of heart attack or stroke by 50 percent.

Reduced depression is another advantage. A 2002 study covering 293 women showed that women who had sex with men without the condomwere not at risk of depression. Psychologists attributed this to prostaglandin, a hormone present in semen that when absorbed in the vagina modulates female hormones.

A third benefit of sex is the ability to better control the bladder. This is attributed to the Kegel exercise which improves the pelvic muscle. These muscles when well toned allow a person control the flow of his urine. These same muscles are worked out during sex and which give pleasure to both the male and female.

But other than these three known benefits, there are other cons to having sex. Did you know that the act can also relieve pain? This is attributed to the hormone oxytocin which can increase five times than normal before a person reaches orgasm. And since it also results in the release of endorphin, any kind of pain from a headache or migraine to arthritis can be alleviated. On the part of women, the production of estrogen also takes place thereby relieving the pain associated with the monthly menstrual period.

Sex improves an individual’s sense of smell, too. Credit this again to hormones. The hormone prolactin is normally released after sex. This then leads the stem cells in the brain to develop new neurons particularly in the olfactory section or the so-called smell center. When this happens, a person is better able to smell odors around him or her.

You might be surprised to know that making love with your partner benefits your teeth as well. Researchers have found that seminal plasma actually contains minerals such as zinc and calcium which help improve the condition of the teeth by preventing tooth decay. In addition, if you religiously follow the sexual etiquette of brushing your teeth before and after sex, then you can be sure to maintain good oral hygiene moving forward.

Finally, sex is good for the penis. Some urologists have pointed out that, on the part of men, releasing of seminal fluid helps reduce their risk of having prostate cancer. This is because minerals such as zinc, citric acid and potassium are produced and increased when a man is able to ejaculate.

Overall, sex is good for the mind and body. Just remember to use your condom every time if you don’t want to suffer from illnesses associated with STDs and cause unwanted pregnancy.


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