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The Effects of Excessive Work on Sex Life

Many professionals who are so engrossed in their careers often work more than their required hours. They leave home early and leave the office long after everyone else had gone home. Sometimes, they don’t even take their lunch.

But as they say, everything that is too much is not good for the body. And the workaholics often find themselves in trouble when it comes to their sex life.

So what can excessive work result in? There are many adverse effects.

For one, since you are too preoccupied with what you do in the office or in your business, you will no longer have time for sex. You might even forget your need for this intimate act.

Additionally since your body and mind are working the whole day, you’ll be too tired and won’t have much interest on sex. In short, your sex drive drops due to fatigue.

In bed, there’s a likelihood that you’ll have difficulty reaching the climax and won’t be able to relax while doing it with your partner.

Owing to the fatigue and stress you’re experiencing, you may not be able to satisfy your partner that much before and during sex. You’ll also be more likely to be contented with doing it in the same position and won’t have the desire to experiment with other positions.

On the part of women, the production of adequate lubrication before intercourse won’t be sufficient due to stress. For the men, the effect can be difficulty in getting erections easily.

If you’re guilty of this, be sure to make some be honest with your partner about what you’re feeling and make changes with your lifestyle. You wouldn’t want to distance yourself from the person you love, would you?

Also, don’t ever forget to use the condom to avoid more stress to your body. Using your condoms every time you have sex will ensure your protection and a worry-free sexual experience.


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