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Teens Becoming More Responsible with Condom Use

The teenage years are the time when young people start to explore their sexuality. They become curious about sex and start to develop feelings for the opposite sex. When not properly guided, they could end up in trouble.

Recent studies, however, have shown that teens in the U.S. are becoming more responsible than adults. The sexually active ones are using condoms more compared to adults, according to a national survey on the health and sexual behavior of Americans covering nearly 6,000 individuals. The teens who admitted using the rubber were in the 14-17 age group, 80 percent of which were boys and 69 percent were girls.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in its 2011 study, found that condom use among teens was increasing. Based on its National Survey of Family Growth, the center reported that eight out of 10 male teenagers aged 15-19 had used condoms during their very first sexual experience. The finding was found to be consistent with the trends to include the decreased occurrence of teen pregnancies.

An earlier research published in the American Journal of Public Health showed that an effective communication between the parent and the child helped in raising awareness on the importance of condoms in preventing the spread of STD and HIV. Specifically, it was the discussion between a mother and her teen about condoms before the child’s first sexual experience that had a great influence in the increase in condom usage. The study also found that condom usage for the first sexual intercourse led to the same pattern as the teens go through their adulthood.

CDC emphasizes that latex condoms can lower the risk of STD transmission when used correctly and consistently. The rubber also protects from HIV transmission on different levels and can prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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