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Seniors Still Engage in Sex

When it comes to sex, age knows no boundaries. If the young people can do it, don’t underestimate the older ones including the seniors because even at their age, many are still sexually active.

Several studies have already proven this fact. One of them, considered to be the most comprehensive sex survey among people aged 57 to 85 in the U.S., confirmed this. The research, funded by the Federal government and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that many seniors are still doing it and even talking about their intimate acts openly.

Although the researchers discovered that the interest in doing sex goes down for those in their 70s, still more than 25 percent of those up to 85 years old claimed engaging in the act in the past year before the survey was conducted. Some factors that lowered an old person’s sexual activity included health issues and lack of a partner particularly for the women.

Interestingly, the survey revealed that among those aged 57 to 75, more than half still had oral sex regardless if they gave or received it. Among the older ones aged 75 to 85, a third engaged in the same kind of sex.

With these findings, the research scientists agreed that physical pleasure is not just for the young folks. This particular study alone proves that the seniors can and are still willing to do it with their partners.

Some of the specific results of the study pertained to the frequency of having sex, health condition and which gender was more active.

Among those who were found to be sexually active regardless of age, they claimed doing it two to three times or even more in a month. Gender-wise, the men were more active than women. The lack of sex was a result of the absence of a partner among the senior females.

Another finding was that those in good health were almost twice as likely to be active compared to those who had poor health.

Meantime, certain problems were reported by some respondents. As older age is related to a decline in health condition, the common issues identified were erection problem in men and low desire, vaginal dryness as well as inability to reach orgasm in women. Among the men who had erection trouble, one out of seven claimed to have used Viagra to make them more excited to have sex with their partners.

Seniors, however, still need to make sure that they use the condom. This will protect them from sex related problems. This should not be an issue because numerous condoms of varied types and sizes are readily available today.


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