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Older Men Not Regular Condom Users

The use of the male condom is more critical today than ever before. With the numerous cases of STD transmission and unwanted pregnancies, it is a must for teens and adults to use it on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, it has been reported that many sexually active men more than 50 years old in the U.S. are not using the rubber. This was the finding of a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that looked into the sexual behaviors and condom use of Americans older than 50.

The researchers found that among the female respondents, two thirds claimed they did not need protection. This surprised the experts who were expecting older people, particularly the sexually active, to be more conscious of sexually transmitted diseases.

In the area of condom use, the scientists were also concerned that many older people including the seniors have not developed the habit of using the rubber regularly. With condoms now so comfortable to use because of the availability of the super thin type, the experts believe that the women in particular should insist that their partners use this very popular contraceptive tool.

Meanwhile, studies have noted that older men are now enjoying sex than ever before because of the introduction of medications that include the Viagra. Although old age is often associated with a decline in sex drive, the experts have discovered that masturbation in both men and women is still frequent.

Women, however, tend to be less sexually active. Factors that can cause this include lack of a partner, still recovering from divorce or an illness. While vibrator use can help older women reach orgasm as before, not many are using it compared to the younger ones.

So who says sex is for the young only. The seniors can still definitely do it but what they have to make sure is to use the condom to protect them from STDs.


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