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More Teen Boys Using the Rubber

The curiosity of young people when it comes to sex normally starts when they reach puberty. Between boys and girls, however, it’s often the boys who have a high level of curiosity. They not only talk about it but they also start buying magazines and watching videos just to satisfy themselves.

Studies have also confirmed that the age of teens that have their first experience in sex is becoming younger. This applies to both boys and girls. Some even claim to have different partners just within their teenage years.

Thanks to the condom, these teens can be assured of being protected from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. What matters most is the regular use of the rubber every time they engage in sex with their partners.

A study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed that the number of teenage boys using condoms has increased. The 2006-2010 National Survey of Family Growth covering boys aged 15 to 19 showed that 80 percent used this popular contraception when they first had sex. The rate improved by nine percent from the 2002 data gathered by researchers.

Another positive finding of the study revealed that 16 percent of the teenage boys surveyed claimed their partners also used the hormonal birth control.

The overall finding showed 85 percent of boys used some form of contraception during their first sexual encounter as compared to 78 percent of girls.

These revelations, however, did not satisfy many parents much according to the researchers. This is due to the unchanged rate when it comes to sexual activity of teenagers from their first experience to their latest sexual encounter. As this is the case, the experts still urge parents to provide constant guidance to their teens and point out the importance of using contraception to prevent problems.

Earlier studies have also shown an improvement in condom use by teens. A 2000 survey of teens aged 15-17 revealed nine out of 10 who have had sex claimed using some form of birth control method while 98 percent said they have used the rubber. The survey was done by The Kaiser Family Foundation and Seventeen magazine.

Another study done in 2005 among high school students in Massachusetts found that 65 percent of teens said they use condoms. The rate was up by 57 percent from the 2003 figure and is similar to the national average.

Again, parents have a big role to play here to ensure that their young adults are protected every time they have sex.


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