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More Interesting Facts About Sex

Some people think they already know a lot about sex. Yes you may know about the different positions, foreplay and how to reach orgasm but do you really think you know everything? You might be surprised to learn about many more interesting facts regarding this intimate act.

For instance, a study has shown that how women experience consistency when it comes to reaching orgasms with their partners is linked to how long they have sexual intercourse and not necessarily on the time they spent on foreplay. But then again, foreplay should not be discounted because for some people, this is important in order for them to achieve orgasm.

Did you also know that women who do not prefer to be attached to a man they had sex with don’t experience orgasms frequently? Researchers have also found that people who belong to this category or those who avoid personal attachment are more likely to have one-night stands. This type of individual are usually not comfortable being very intimate with their partner and are normally not fully satisfied with their sexual encounters.

If to moan or not to moan is your question, you might want to consider making some noise when having sex to provide more pleasure to your man. This may be linked to how the primates behave. For example, there’s a study done on macaque monkeys that showed a link between the vocalization of their partners and the ability of the males to ejaculate. The researchers discovered that the males ejaculated 59 percent when their partners made noise but almost never when their mates were quiet.

Did you also know that oxytocin nasal spray can treat a man’s inability to reach orgasm? Oxytocin can actually promote bonding and pelvic muscle contractions.

Finally, don’t ever forget to use a condom or any contraceptive if you’re out to have sex. The famous condom will keep your protected so long as you or your partner use it correctly and consistently.


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