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How to Guide Teens on Safe Sex

Many parents today, particularly those in the urban centers, are alarmed about the high incidence of teen pregnancies. In the U.S. alone, 2009 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that there are more than 409,000 live births to teen mothers aged 15 to 19. The birth rate for this age group is placed at 39.1 live births for every 1,000 population.

It’s a natural feeling for parents to be concerned about this issue. After all, they still want their children to finish their studies and start a career afterwards. As such, those who have teens who unexpectedly get pregnant or who have caused another teen to get pregnant normally get frustrated.

It’s normal for a parent to initially get upset over the situation but instead of grieving and making the child feel guilty, experts recommend moms and dads to give all their love and support to their teens. It’s true that talking about sex with teenagers can be uncomfortable but if you want to stress your point to let them lead a stress-free and guilt-free life, you have to take action.

Counselors said that talking and listening to your teens is highly important. As with any relationship, having an open communication line is a must. In addition, parents need to make an effort to maintain the conversation regarding sex and use ofcondoms in the home so avoid any feelings of discomfort. This is the best way to find out from your child what he’s going through particularly when it concerns the opposite sex.

Keep in mind that parents play a very important role in how their kids view sex. It is for this reason that you have to share as much information with your teens including condom use and provide the understanding they need.

The first step you can take is to start the conversation. Teens normally won’t ask questions about this topic because they find it a sensitive issue and they may be ashamed about it. As a parent then, consider your own values about sexuality and what information you’d like to share with your teen.

You may want to ask about what lessons they have about sex education in school. From there, you can start sharing your feelings and beliefs. Tell them the reasons behind your views and feelings and they will learn to think about them.

As parents, you may have negative thoughts on the situation these days concerning teen pregnancies and promiscuous sexual behavior. But while you’re sharing these unpleasant facts, make sure to balance them with the positive side as well. For instance, you can tell your teenager that it’s normal for them to fall for the opposite sex and that people get into love relationships and eventually get married when they feel it’s the right time. Then transition into the steps they need to take to engage in safe sex and the importance of using a condom every time they engage in any sexual activity.

It’s essential that teens need to know their responsibilities so they stay away from trouble and giving their parents problems as they’re growing up. Proper guidance should be provided every step of the way to be sure that your teen grows up to become a responsible and respectful individual.


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