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How to Establish a Good Relationship With Your Teen

In this age of advanced technology, teens can get so engrossed with using their mobile devices. Whether they are keeping in touch with friends, checking their emails or playing online games, many youngsters are guilty of lack of communication with their parents.

With this situation a reality today, parents need to take the responsibility of reaching out to their teenagers. It is vital to maintain a good relationship with your child who is at a crucial stage of getting to know his real identity.

Regularly talking with your teen is an ideal thing to do. For mothers who have pre-adolescent daughters, you can actually start having small talks early on such as at the age of 11.

Develop an open communication line to encourage your child to talk to you about anything that concerns her. Share your experiences whenever possible but avoid being too detailed about personal things. Your goal is to just allow your teen to open up to you.

Try not to judge your daughter or ask questions as if you’re accusing her because this will only make the child put up a wall between the two of you.

Medical and relationship experts also stressed that mothers should find a balance between their roles as mom and friend. While you may want to be your child’s best friend, you need to remember that you are a parent first. Your most important role is to guide the teen towards the right path while she’s going through changes in her body and finding her real self.

If possible, avoid showing you’re angry look when your daughter has issues. In addition, avoid trying to be a friend most of the time because you have to keep in mind that teenagers normally don’t want their parents involved in their personal world. So keep a distance but be there to guide and support your teen.


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