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Penis Sizes & Facts has a variety of condom sizes to most Penises. Penises come in different sizes and the King has a condom sizes almost everyone from Lifestyles Snugger Fit all the way up to Trojan Magnum XL. Alfred Kinsey was pioneering sexologist collecting some 18,000 sexual histories. Below is data collected from Kinsey and associates involving 3,500 adult men. The measurements were taken on the top side of the Penis from body out towards the head. These results were gathered in 1948 and it is estimated that Penis Size has increased slightly since that time Kinsey's Average Size back then was around 6 inches. Below is a graph created by Kinsey and associates.

Facts gathered from Alfred Kinsey Pioneering Sexologist

Other Facts about Penis

85% of all men can not last longer than 3 minutes during intercourse. ( Try Durex Performax Condoms) 30 Million men in America suffer from erectile dysfunction. 20 years old men can achieve 80% more erections than the men at 29 year old. 98% of men wish the penises were larger.


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