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The Pros and Risks of a Swinging Lifestyle

When it comes to relationships, many people want a lot of space to be able to do what they want. For the men, in particular, they want to be with several women if they can have it their way. As such, there are those who have chosen to adopt the swinging lifestyle.

People who lead this kind of lifestyle are known as swingers. They engaged in the so-called partner swapping regardless if they are single or in a committed relationship. Their goal is normally to enjoy casual sex with different partners as long as it’s allowed by their partners.

Those who engage in swinging have varied reasons for pursuing this kind of lifestyle. Some believe they are able to more quality sex and they can do it as often as they want with any partner. Others even believe it can strengthen their relationship with their committed partner.

This non-monogamous lifestyle is attributed to the rise in sexual activity in the 1960s owing to the introduction of the contraceptive pill. It is considered a social activity in that people who engage in this act often belong to a specific group and meet each other at a club or party. Sexual activity may not always follow after the gathering.

While the swinging lifestyle may benefit people, it cannot be denied that it also poses health risks. Those who don’t practice safe sex by using condoms and other forms of contraceptive may get sexually transmitted diseases.

Emotionally, it may eventually affect the other spouse or the other person in the relationship. It can cause conflicts if everything’s not clear to your partner and this is especially true for those are married.

For this reason, spouses should set some ground rules. Also, the person who engages in the swinging lifestyle should discuss expectations and limitations with the one he or she have sex with. There’s always the possibility of one falling in love with the person he or she have casual sex but if you’re committed to your spouse or long term partner, you should find a way not to let this happen.

If, on the other hand, you are still planning to start on this, make sure that you take the right steps. These include assessing your needs, talking it out with a swinger, creating your rules and choosing the right people. You may also start researching online and perhaps join a dating website where you might find other swingers.


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