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Safety Habits You Should Practice When Dating

In today’s world, it pays to be safe whether you’re indoor or outdoor and even when dating. With the online dating sites becoming popular, you just don’t know if who you’re dating is sincere and has good intentions all the time.

Women should be more careful with meeting men they’ve met online. While many people who join online dating sites are honest and great people, you need to consider also that there are those who may not be for real and who can become a nightmare to your life.

The first step you can do then is to get the details of your date once the man who has invited you for a date calls. Wait for him to call you on the phone and don’t just confirm you’re going out with him through your online chat. Having a video chat about it would be okay.

Make sure to know the place you’re going to, what you will be doing there and how long you will be staying there. List all the information on a paper together with the man’s personal details and give it to a trusted friend. Include a photo if you can. Do meet in public and not in a private place. Choose a place where it is open with many people. Meet him there and don’t allow him to pick you up or drop you off on your first offline date.

Double dates are a good idea so you can suggest this to your date as well. This will allow you to be with other people other than yourselves.

Avoid going straight home after your first date. This will make it easy for the guy to follow you. Instead, drive to a friend or your parent’s house and share your experience with them for some time.

Safety should be your priority when you’re moving your online dating relationship to the next level.


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