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Why Thin Condoms are Popular Today

In life, people desire comfort not just in the place they live in and work but as well as in the clothes and shoes they wear every day. When it comes to what people put on as a covering to their body, comfort is always a priority. It is then natural for adults and teens to seek a personal protective tool that can make them feel comfortable while they’re enjoying their sexual experience.

Fortunately, condoms have become better and thinner these days. Manufacturers are continuously doing research and finding ways to improve their condoms to ensure that consumers are not only protected from sexually transmitted diseases and don’t cause unwanted pregnancy but they also experience more pleasure while engaging in sex.

Crown’s Skinless condom is perhaps one of the most preferred by consumers these days. It’s considered as the most sensitive owing to its thinness unmatched by the other brands such as Lifestyles Ultra Thin, Durex Extra Sensitive and IBI Pure. Retailers confirm that this brand gets the highest order from their site.

Some of the features that make the Crown Skinless popular are its being tasteless and odorless. Although made from latex, this type of thin condom does not have the usual odor of rubber.

What also makes it different from its close rivals is its unique shape and size. Compared to the regular condom, this brand is slightly longer and wider. The idea behind this is to provide more comfort to the user. Crown’s Skinless condoms are manufactured by Okamoto of Japan and are widely used by porn celebrities. They are the pink rubber protection used in adult films which the porn stars confirm to be super sensitive and dependable.

Another thin condom brand that’s widely used these days is the MAXPRO Pure. Meant for extra pleasure, this rubber uses ultra thin latex and the classic silky lubricant. And it’s guaranteed to be durable despite its thinness so those using it won’t have to worry about anything. They will only feel the sensation and enjoy the experience with their partner.

MAXPRO calls its ultra thin condoms as the one that offers maximum protection and maximum pleasure. The company behind it made sure to create a personal product that when worn will make the wearer feel as if he’s not using any rubber at all. Their objective is to ensure that the man who uses MAXPRO keeps his focus on enjoying the pleasure and giving his partner the same pleasure as well. And creating the ultra thin condoms enabled them to achieve just that.

Apart from the thin latex, MAXPRO also provides a smooth silky lube to ensure easy action without the distractions. With this partnership between an ultra thin condom and a classic lubricant, you can be sure to have a pleasurable and most intimate sexual experience every time.

Nothing is impossible today if you’re after maximum protection while engaging in the most intimate experience of your life. Whether you’re a teen or adult, you have the Crown Skinless and MAXPRO Pure to depend on for an ultimate sexual experience with your partner.




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