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Why Choose the Non-Latex Durex Condoms

No individual is perfect. Not all people are the same either. In terms of skin sensitivity, some are super sensitive while the others are not easily prone to getting allergic reactions. When it comes to having sex and using condoms, teens and adults also differ. Some are more sensitive to the rubber and to lubricants than the others.

Fortunately, condom manufacturers have been more responsive to their customers’ needs. Many have come up with innovative products and thinner condoms that can be used even by those who suffer from allergic reactions.

Durex has its Avanti condoms made from non-latex material. The Lifestyles brand also has its Skynn variant made from the same material.

The Avanti of Durex was discontinued in 2008. It was reintroduced in the market a year after in 2009 with the proper FDA seal of approval.

This condom is made from polyisoprene considered to be a better material compared to the polyurethane. Experts described the polyurethane as similar to a wax paper owing to its characteristics. It’s not very stretchable and makes a strange sound when used. On the other hand, polyisoprene is a very stretchable material and is very similar to latex in its characteristics. And because of its elasticity, it is able to accommodate various sizes of penis. In addition, this type of condom allows partners to experience more sensitivity and heat during intercourse. What this means is a most pleasurable time spent with your partner.

Another variant ideal for people sensitive to the natural rubber latex is the Avanti Bare of Durex. This one also meets international standards, is made from synthetic polyisoprene and features a reservoir tip.

The Avanti Bare also provides a natural skin feeling and is softer compared to polyurethane. It has a special shape as well to make it easy to wear and provide the user more comfort. And in addition, this does not have a latex odor so you and your partner won’t be distracted at any time.

Dermatological testing of Durex Avanti Bare showed that the condoms have little possibility of causing hypersensitivity also known as allergic contact dermatitis or Type IV allergy. It is recommended, however, that for those who may experience an irritation or allergic reaction while or after using this non-latex condom, they need to stop and consult a physician. It is okay to use lubricants with these condoms but it is ideal to use only the water-based lubes. Experts do not recommend using oil-based lubricants including petroleum jelly, cold cream and vegetable or mineral oil as they can damage the rubber protection.

Durex has more than 80 years experience in manufacturing quality condoms. Their personal protective tools, when used correctly, can prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. This brand offers a wide range of condoms from the regular to the textured, scented and flavored. There are also different sizes available that can fit men of all sizes. Even those who are endowed with a large penis can be sure to get a size fit for them.




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