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What You Need to Know About Trojan Condoms

Condoms are an important part of adult life. It’s a helpful tool to prevent unexpected pregnancy and the spread of infectious diseases. Adults who are sexually active should never go out without this.

These days, there are so many condoms available on the market. They come in different brands, sizes, colors, scents and texture that it can be quite difficult to choose which one to use.

Among the brands that have been widely used in the past and even until today is the Trojan condom. Manufactured by Church & Dwight Company, this brand is very popular in the U.S. In fact, more than 70 percent of condoms bought from drugstores across the U.S. are the Trojan brand.

The very first Trojan condoms were made in the year 1920. At that time, rubber was still the material used in manufacturing the product the reason why it earned the nickname “rubber.” The latex material was used only in 1930.

If you think that the condoms were immediately sold weeks or months after they were made, it wasn’t so. It was only seven years after in 1927 when the first Trojan condoms were sold to the general public. The selling of the product was made known through an advertisement placed in a trade magazine catering to pharmacists.

A unique way of promoting the Trojan condom was done in the U.K. in 2003. A fake Trojan Games website was put up to simulate an international sporting event. The videos on sexual performance provided on the site had made 300 million hits and that figure was even almost six years ago.

Trojan condoms stand out from the rest as they’re compliant to U.S. standards. They’re preferred by many adults due to their reliability and durability. The brand now has condoms not only for the males but even for the females.




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