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What Makes Durex Thin Condoms Different

Thin is in! At least that’s what consumers believe in when it comes to condoms. Gone are the days when people have to wear the pure rubber protection that has a strong smell. With modern technology and creativity, leading manufacturers have come up with thinner condoms without the smell of rubber.

New materials are now being used in making this personal protective tool. Some of them are the latex, polyurethane and isoprene. With these materials, very thin yet still durable condoms are made possible. The benefit to consumers is they get a natural feeling as if they’re not wearing any rubber at all.

Durex is one brand that offers super thin condoms referred to as providing the most feeling ever. This brand has been in the market since 1929 initially under the London Rubber Company. In 2010, Reckitt Benckiser bought the company from SSL International of England.

Durex’s thin condoms are available in different variants. These include the Deluxe, Real Feel and Fetherlite Ultra. One important thing to note about these natural feeling condoms is they bear a smiley icon that says Smells Better which means the tool does not have any rubber odor.

Deluxe is called the diamond standard in thinness. Made from polyurethane, it is a very fine and clear condom capable of transferring body heat during sexual intercourse. As such, it promises a most pleasurable experience for both partners. Also, this condom has a straight wall shape, has no odor and is lubricated. Another great feature is that the Deluxe comes in a unique case to ensure that the rubber is in its correct position when opened.

The Real Feel variant also ensures a natural skin feeling. Made from a non-latex material, it promises to enhance sensation of a couple during sexual intercourse. Partners are also assured of experiencing the pleasure they so desire as the condom has no unpleasant smell that can distract them while doing it.

Fetherlite is one of the thinnest condoms of Durex included in its latex collection. It is shaped to make it easy for users to put on and to ensure a better fit during sexual intercourse. This condom passed electronic testing and has no rubber smell that some adults avoid. It is also transparent and needs to be kept in a cool dry place to ensure that it provides users with the protection they want.

Durex has been providing quality condoms to consumers for more than 80 years now making it among the world’s leading and trusted brands.




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