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What is Unique About Snugger Fit Condoms?

A satisfying and worry-free sexual experience won’t be possible without the condom. With this popular protective tool, couples can be assured of their safety from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

But it’s not just all about getting any condom because what matters is getting the right size for a man’s private part. Many people these days looking to experiencing the most pleasurable sexual intercourse are actually not much concerned about length. After all, they can always roll up the end part at the base of their penis. As such, the fit and size of the condom is a priority among men.

This is not a major issue today, though, because condom manufacturers are producing a wide range of rubber in different shapes, sizes (length and width), flavor and scent. In terms of size, teens and adults can choose from the regular, large, extra large and small. The small size is also referred to as the “snugger fit.” To get a snug fit, men should get a condom that’s slimmer than the regular or average one. A regular condom usually has a width of 52mm while the snug fit type has a 50mm width. In some models and brands, it is shorter in length.

Normally, the width of the condom is what’s more important. It should be noted that this rubber protective tool needs to fit well into the penis to make sure that it won’t slip during intercourse even when the private part is not in a very erect position. It is strongly recommended then that men should take the time to find the right size that they could use on a regular basis.

The Lifestlyles brand has one of the smallest condoms on the market. Compared to the regular types, it is narrower in width and shorter in length. The best part is they’re very sensitive so couples can be sure to enjoy much pleasure while doing it.

The Ultra Sensitive variant of Lifestyles is unique because of its special shape. At the head, it measures two inches for added comfort while the shaft part has a width of 1.75 inches to provide a snug fit. It is also lubricated, comes without talc and has a reservoir tip for safety purposes.

For most men, a condom won’t serve its purpose if it slips during intercourse. The solution then is to get a smaller sized one. Users of Lifestyles’ Ultra Sensitive report their satisfaction saying that even when the penis is no longer erect, the condom stays in place making them more confident and well protected. Many have given the rubber a big yes for its features. They approve of the brand’s description that this snugger fit condom indeed fits like a glove.

Keep in mind that not all men are endowed with the same size of penis. And so what will fit one will not fit another. It is also for this reason that the condoms of today are available in different sizes to meet the needs of consumers, men and women, teens and adults.




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