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What is the Process of Making Condoms?

Condoms need to be made from durable materials to ensure its reliability. Today, latex is a common material used in making condoms such as those of the Trojan brand.

Trojan has been in the market since 1927 although its first condoms were manufactured in 1920. Church & Dwight, the company behind this brand maintains quality control to ensure that its products meet U.S. standards at all times. A team of specialists do the job of checking product quality.

The process of making condoms involves several stages. The dipping is when technicians monitor and then gather samples bearing lot numbers every hour. These samples are then put to several tests to make sure they have no holes and to check their elasticity. Those that fail the tests are immediately rejected.

After the first testing process, the condoms that passed are then dried and coated with a non-stick agent. From there, they undergo another test known as the air burst done electronically to check for leaks and volume. Again, condoms that don’t pass this stage are destroyed right away while those that didn’t show signs of leakage move on to the next process. The sealing of condoms in foiled packs is the last stage. But again, these packs still go through the final test. This is where the air burst pressure and volume test is done. Also, the seals on the foil, label, carton, date of expiration as well as the type and weight of lubricant will be checked for quality control. Only those that pass will be prepared for distribution to the market.

So it should be understood that an elimination process is being done through the various tests every time. Among the numerous condoms made, not all will be processed for distribution to the end market.

But with Trojan condoms, one can never go wrong because of its durability and reliability. It’s been a trusted brand in the U.S. for more than 90 years.




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