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What Gives Trojan Condoms the Advantage over the Others?

Condoms have been in existence since the ancient times. History records show that the Egyptians were the ones who used them as a prophylactic. Through the years, the condom improved further particularly as a growing number of manufacturers started to come in.

The condoms of today are mostly made from the thinner and durable latex material. There are various styles and sizes available giving teens and adults a wider choice. Young adults and the full fledged adults who want to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy need to have a condom handy at all times and with the various types now on the market, there’s one that will surely suit your taste.

But among the top manufacturers these days, Trojan has its advantages over its close competitors. Trojan is a brand of condom manufactured by Church & Dwight Company. It was first invented in 1920 but became available in the market only seven years after in 1927.

Originally, Youngs Rubber Company was behind the brand. A young New Yorker, Merle Leland Youngs, started the company with a goal of making the Trojan condom brand compete with the already existing brands at that time such as the Ramses and Sheik. And because of his great belief in his product, the 33-year-old Youngs succeeded in his achieving his goal. Today, Trojan condoms are among the most trusted by adults around the world.

Back in the year 1975, the Trojan brand became the most preferred by pharmacies notably in the U.S. In fact, it accounted for 56 percent of the pharmacy market. Decades later, its share of the market went up to more than 70 percent based on data in 2006. This leading condom brand today has more than 30 variants. Other than the regular, Trojan has other types. Teens and adults can choose one that suits their personal preference. They can buy by size, texture, flavor and thickness.

Those looking for the thin condoms can rely on Trojan as well. The brand already has its BareSkin line considered to be the thinnest among its closest rivals. It is 40 percent thinner than the regular condom, comes with silky smooth lubricant and being latex, has no strong odor.

This BareSkin product was presented in the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show as part of the personal technology division. The brand’s marketing official credits their engineers for their ingenuity in creating condoms and other related products that aim to enhance the sexual experience of their users.




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