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What are the Textured Condoms of Durex?

Durex is one of the top condom manufacturers worldwide. For more than 80 years now, the brand has been used by millions of teens and adults who want to stay protected while enjoying their sexual experience.

A major factor that makes Durex stand out from the rest of the crowd is the global research that it conducts on an ongoing basis. This is to keep up with the latest trends and innovations and to respond to the needs of consumers. Apart from using its usual research techniques, the company behind this trusted brand also conducts personal interviews to obtain first hand information from condom users themselves.

One type of condom that Durex is well known for is the textured variant. Durex has several of this to include the Sensation, Ribbed, Pleasuremax Warming and the Pleasuremax.

Sensation – This variant features hundreds of raised dots to give couples heightened stimulation not possible when using just the regular condoms. And with no unpleasant smell to deal with, this is most ideal for sensitive people who want to experience the most comfort while doing it with their partners. Also, this has a wall shape and is dermatologist tested.

Ribbed – The ribbed type features ribs positioned uniquely plus a straight wall shape to provide intense stimulation during intercourse. It comes with a lubricant and has a coral color. Users can also be assured of their personal protection while using this condom because all Durex condoms go through electronic testing and had been dermatologically-tested.

Pleasuremax Warming – This one features both ribs and raised dots. In addition, it is coated with a warming lubricant for greater stimulation and heated sexual experience. For those who want to go hot with their partners, this is the condom to get and use. The pleasuremax warming product is transparent and has an easy on shape.

Pleasuremax – This product also has ribs and raised dots but does not come with a warming lube. The ribs are located at the bottom part of the rubber protection to allow for greater clitoral stimulation. Its unique shape is meant to create friction for heightened stimulation.

Some teens and adults prefer to use the textured type to experience greater pleasure while doing it with their partners. Unlike the regular condom, this one normally has a ribbed texture or dots.

All Durex products are properly labeled with a manufacturing and expiry date on their packs. They come with lubricants but without the spermicide.




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