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Trojans Magnum Condoms Ideal for the Big Men

Men need to be responsible when it comes to sex. Whether they’re single or married, they have to protect themselves using the condom. This is to prevent unwanted pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

The males, however, differ in body size. Some are small, some are medium while the others have large body built. So just as they need to find and use the appropriate size of clothing, they should also get the right size of condom to use for their own personal protection.

Keep in mind that an individual who is big will never fit into a small size shirt, brief or pants. This is the same with condoms. Big men who use smaller condoms will likely experience breakage during their sexual experience. In fact, those who are endowed with a large penis may not always find comfort in a regular sized condom. This is despite claims that the regular rubber can fit into even an extra large penis. Fortunately, condoms today come in various sizes there’s surely one fit for you. If you’re a big man, you may want to consider getting a large condom. Trojan is one brand that offers a large size condom through its Magnum line.

Users who have tried the Magnum condom recommend trying the rubber first to make sure that it fits comfortably and does not slide during use. This step is very important to prevent any slippage during your sexual intercourse. You wouldn’t want to get embarrassed while doing it with your partner, right?

Men who have used the regular condom but who never felt comfortable with it should definitely try Trojan’s Magnum. With a roomier covering, you will become more in the mood to give pleasure to yourself and your partner.

Some of you particularly the teenagers may ask, “How would I know if I need a large size condom?” The answer is in trying all the regular and small sized condoms. If none fits your penis in the most comfortable manner, then you may be a candidate for the large Magnum. An article on the internet also pointed to a Maxim magazine write up on how to determine if you need the bigger rubber protection. It said that you can test it using a standard toilet paper tube. If you find that your erect penis will not fit in the tube, then you will need to use the large condom.




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