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Trojan Values Women as Much as Men

Condoms are often marketed as a product geared towards men. Indeed so because it really is something that men need to use to protect themselves from infectious diseases and unwanted pregnancy. But while most condom manufacturers prefer to promote their products with men only in mind, there’s one brand that takes women into consideration as well. Trojan puts value on women as part of its marketing strategy to widely promote its various types of condoms. In fact apart from the condom, it has other products meant for use by women such as the personal massager.

Trojan’s Her Pleasure is the one geared towards women. This has three variants – the ecstasy, lubricated and spermicidal lubricated.

The Her Pleasure ecstasy is designed in a way to allow the user and his partner to experience great pleasure without having to feel the condom. It is also textured to provide more stimulation to the women. In addition, the ultra smooth lubricant that comes with it is present not only outside but inside as well. Users need not worry so much about the fit because this condom has a base that’s tapered to keep it secure.

The regular lubricated condoms, meanwhile, are ribbed and countoured and comes with a silky smooth lubricant. This is meant to provide users with more enjoyment, stimulation as well as protection. With one’s comfort and protection assured, users and their partners can have a pleasant sexual experience.

The Her Pleasure spermicidal lubricated condoms have a nonoxynol-9 spermicide. This type is ideal for men and women who do not want to cause pregnancy. It features a special reservoir at the tip for added safety. It is also wider and is shaped like a light bulb for the purpose of providing more freedom of movement.

Trojan cares for its customers hence the wide range of condom types. The brand speaks of quality as the condoms go through rigid electronic testing to meet FDA standards.




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