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Trojan Provides Wide Condom Choices

If there’s one brand that provides teens and adults alike with a wide range of condoms, it has to be Trojan. This is among the world’s leading manufacturers of the rubber and has been a trusted name in the industry.

Trojan condoms have been in the market since 1920 making it one of the oldest manufacturers in existence today. It was initially founded by young entrepreneur Merle Leland Youngs from New York. This man who was 33 years old at that time had a positive feeling that his condom would make it in the U.S. market the reason why he pushed through with his project under his Youngs Rubber Company. His initial package only had a Trojan helmet design with the label high quality, trustworthy condoms.

Youngs was right in his vision for his condoms. Since the release of Trojan, many pharmacies stocked the product more than its close rivals, Sheik and Ramses. By the year 1975, the brand already grabbed a significant share or 56 percent of the market. Through the years, its share increased and currently, it now accounts for 70.5 percent of condom sales in drugstores.

Trojan condoms can be purchased both offline and online. Offline, consumers can get them from retail outlets such as supermarkets, drugstores and department stores. On the internet, there are numerous websites from where you can order with some of even offering discounted prices. The company also has its own website that allows for easy and secure purchase of this personal protection tool.

On the Trojan website, users are provided with a choice as to the online stores that offer the condoms. They can also shop by product type, lube type, fit and design. In the product category, four choices are available – all materials, latex, non-latex and vibrations. In the lube category, there are six choices – all lubes, lubricated, spermicidal, non-lubricated, climax control and added sensations.

For the fit category, purchasers can select from the all sizes, regular, large and extra large. And for the design category, the choices provided are all features, magnum, stimulations, pleasures, her pleasure, sensitivity, ENZ, vibrations and supra.

In addition, there’s a retail section from which visitors can directly select a product of their choice.

The Trojan brand is now under the Church & Dwight company. It was first bought by Carter-Wallace, though, in 1985 before Church & Dwight acquired it in the year 2000. The condoms are distributed worldwide.

Condoms have been used since the ancient times not only as a protective tool but as well as a birth control method. From being made just from chemically treated linen and animal tissue, it has evolved into the pure rubber in the 19th century and latex condom in the 20th century. The use of latex has made possible thinner products that enhance sensitivity and stimulation for more comfort and pleasure to couples.

It is estimated that developing countries would need some 18.6 billion condoms by the year 2015. This is clear proof that the condom industry is showing no signs of a downfall. Youngs Rubber Company, the makers of the Trojan brand, is credited for being the pioneer in creating the latex condom.




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