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Trojan history and facts

Why Trojan is a Leading Condom in the U.S.

The market for condoms worldwide is foreseen to reach US$6 billion through 2015 covering 27 billion units. The increase in demand is attributed to the emerging economies of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Among these regions, condom use is on the upswing as a result of increased awareness on the protection provided by the rubber against sexually transmitted diseases amid a rising population.

Did you know that each day, some one million condoms are being manufactured? This only goes to show the high demand for this rubber protection all over the world.

There are many brands of condom today but only a few are able to stand out. One of them is Trojan, a product of Church & Dwight Company. In the U.S., Trojan is very popular accounting for 70.5 percent of the market.

Early Beginnings

The Trojan brand was first introduced into the market in 1927. It was through an advertisement placed in a trade magazine targeted at pharmacists.

Prior to its very first magazine advertisement, however, Merle Leland Youngs of Young’s Rubber was already manufacturing the condoms. Manufacturing began in 1920 using the original rubber material. Ten years after by 1930, the company utilized latex materials.

Condom Variants

Trojan has more than 12 product variants these days. They are meant to provide adults with more options in finding the best personal protection fit for their lifestyle. There is surely one for every teen or adult who want to experience a most satisfying sexual encounter with their partners.

Magnum is the standard lubricated condom but it also has three other variants. The Magnum Ecstasy features a comfort shape while the Fire & Ice promises a thrilling sensation of pleasure and comes with a dual action lubricant.

Magnum also has a Gold Collection which is a pack that contains the Magnum Ecstasy, Fire & Ice, Original and Thin condoms.

The Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy has the same shape as that of Ecstasy but is targeted at female stimulation.

Bareskin is the thin type and is 40 percent thinner than the regular Trojan condoms available.

Enz is made from quality latex and is ideal for adults who want to ensure they are well protected without risk of getting STD or causing unwanted pregnancy.

The Trojan Charged, on the other hand, featured deep ribs for maximum stimulation. It also comes with a lubricant and is made from latex.

Naturalamb is recommended for teens and adults who are allergic to latex. It comes with a water-based lubricant and is meant primarily to provide comfort and sensitivity without guarantee of protecting users from STDs.

For those who want a hotter sexual pleasure, the Her Pleasure Warming lubrication is perfect. The product releases warm sensations to both partners once applied.

Continued Research

Apart from making condoms, the makers of Trojan also continue to do research on the sexual behavior of consumers, the use of the rubber protection as well as on the other aspects of people’s sex life. The studies are aimed at helping the manufacturer find more ways to fulfill the needs of their consumers.

With all the different condom types the manufacturer has created through the years and their continuing efforts to improve their products, it is without a doubt that Trojan remains to be a leader in the U.S. market.




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