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Trojan Condoms for Couples Avoiding Intimacy

Not all people who engage in sex want to become intimate. Some men do it just to satisfy their sexual cravings and it’s a reality that they do it at times with a woman who’s not their real partner. For this reason, creating intimacy is surely not within their minds.

If you’re a man who falls in this category, you might want to try Trojan’s new product. It is known as No One’s Pleasure condoms. And true to its name, the makers of Trojan condoms made sure that with this new protective tool, men will not be totally satisfied with their sexual experience. The goal here is to keep the distance between couples and provide discomfort.

The pack of this unique prophylactic not found anywhere else refers to the product as having the ability to lower the risk of creating an intimate and fulfilling relationship. Trojan is the first to introduce such kind of condom aimed at achieving sexual dissatisfaction among couples who might be bitter towards each other.

A Trojan official revealed that other than creating condoms that would enhance a couple’s intimacy during their sexual experience, they thought about catering to those partners who are not too close to each other emotionally. It’s a fact that some people don’t recover easily from their fights and they can let the anxiety linger longer by using the No One’s Pleasure condom.

This new product is available in a non-lubricated latex and has an abrasive texture aimed at creating stinging sensations not only for the women but even for the male users themselves. According to the manufacturer, the product can increase personal insecurities and awaken unresolved issues. It may sound unusual but that’s definitely what the company wants to achieve with this personal protective tool.

This No One’s Pleasure condom has a unique shape as well. It is tapered at the base and at the tip to ensure premature ejaculation. Also, it fits uncomfortably even when used correctly that men may be prompted to avoid vaginal penetration. The unnatural feeling produced while using this and the sandy texture will surely want couples to fight some more and distance themselves from each other. The end result of using this rubber is either no sex or angry sex.

This No One’s Pleasure condom of the popular Trojan brand comes in three styles. These are the Frigid Touch, Ultra Chafe and Extremely Oversensitive. A pack containing three condoms costs a little more than the regular ones at $20.

Reports said this product was in recognition of another segment of couples who may not like each other or who want to get back at each other. This sector accounts for 65 percent of couples, according to a marketing research. And fortunately, the company succeeded in its goal as consumers who have used the product confirm getting a spiteful feeling while wearing the rubber protection.

Trojan condoms are made by Church & Dwight and are among the most preferred and trusted by teens and adults worldwide.




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