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Reasons for Condom Error

Condoms are the most readily available form of contraception and one of the most effective. However, it’s not all the time that adults use in the correct way. As such, slippage and breakage sometimes happen. For the most part of these errors, men are to blame.

A study done at the Indiana and Emory Universities has found that errors in using condoms were common among sexually active heterosexual college men. The aim of the research was to determine the problems and errors in the use of the latex protection particularly for the males. After the findings were made, the researchers suggested the need for more aggressive education and instruction with regards to condom use.

This particular study covered 362 men enrolled at Indiana University. Of the total respondents, 42 percent claimed that although they had a desire to use the rubber protection during the study which took three months, they did not have one available. Meanwhile, 158 single men said they had used a condom at least once.

The other issues discovered during the research were also quite significant. Some of the errors reported were failure to check the product for any visible damage (74 percent), failure to check the expiration date (61 percent) and failure to discuss the use of the condom with their partner before having sex (60 percent).

There were also technical errors found by the researchers. Some 43 percent of the respondents said they put on the condom after starting sex while 40 percent claimed they did not leave space at the tip. In addition, 30 percent reported placing the rubber upside down on the penis and having to flip it over while 15 percent said they took off the protective tool before they were done having sex.

In terms of condom breaking during use, some 29 percent of the college men surveyed reported the issue while 13 percent claimed slippage of the rubber while they were having sex. Researchers reported that those who experienced slippage or breakage got high error scores. As such, defects in the product were not the main problem but on the improper use before and during sex.

Based on past studies, the proper use of the rubber provides an effective protection against sexually transmitted diseases including HIV or the virus that causes AIDS. But while those studies focused mainly on correct usage, only a few dealt with the real problems and errors that occur among adult users.

The study’s lead author stressed that although there has been effort to raise awareness on the importance of consistent condom use particularly among young people who are sexually active, it may not be enough. What the team of researchers pointed out was the essence of conducting adequate education and skills-building instruction that focus on the proper use of this popular contraception.

Condoms are still being manufactured in the millions each year because of it strong demand among adult users worldwide. It’s fortunate that manufacturers are also finding ways to come up with thinner products as well as different styles to provide consumers with wider choice.




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