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Previous studies and clamor of people that condoms do not provide sexual pleasure have been refuted by a new study done by researchers from Indiana University. The research that covered nearly 6,000 American adults found that using a condom is as pleasurable as not wearing one. It is said that the satisfaction one derives from sex is mainly perceived pleasure. But what often happens is that people associate sexual pleasure with a physical feeling the reason why some complain about not being satisfied when using the protective covering. Today, however, it is possible to enjoy a more satisfying sexual encounter with the availability of a wide variety of male condoms. Manufacturers have developed more innovative products to meet the needs of their consumers and sexually active adults who want heightened pleasure have various choices nowadays. From the usual latex condom to the polyurethane, now comes condom made from silicone. Developers Daniel Resnic and Ray Chavez from a startup company called Origami Condoms are on a venture to create a unique type of this popular contraceptive using the silicone material. They believe it is more flexible, stretches better compared to the latex and effective at blocking bacteria as well as viruses. There are several features that make this rubber protection unlike the other brands now available on the market. Internal lubrication – With a lubricant already inside the condom, this means it is easy to slip on without the need to unroll it which is normally done with the regular rubber. It features an accordion-like shape that makes it unfold faster. Fluid lining – The condom’s fluid lining is meant to simulate the vagina environment to make men feel more natural (as if not wearing a rubber) while having sex. Ridges – The presence of ridges on the surface aims to provide a heightened sensation during the act. It also serves as a sort of sex toy when worn. Reservoir – At the tip is a specialized reservoir or one-way valve that aims to prevent backflow. This means that when the semen gets in there, it won’t be able to escape. This new condom is still being tested for both heterosexual and homosexual activity and many are now awaiting its development. Being something new and more advanced, consumers are hoping it will deliver what it promises. Inventor Daniel Resnic has already obtained a patent for his design. His Strata Various Product Design located in Culver City in California will develop the origami condom and market it. The rubber personal protective tool will be submitted for review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization by 2014. Other designs area also being developed for gay men, the females and for use during oral sex. Consumers should be thankful for these people who continue to come up with innovative condoms not only for purposes of gaining sexual pleasure but more importantly for effectively protecting people from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy. Hopefully, more will be introduced in the market for the benefit of sexually active teens and adults.




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