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How Effective is the Latex Condom?

It has been said that condoms may not be 100 percent safe when it comes to averting the transmission of infectious diseases and pregnancy. However, several studies have confirmed that when used correctly and consistently, it can provide the best protection for people. And the experts agree to this.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explained that a single act of sexual intercourse can already transmit a disease and can cause pregnancy in both teens and adults. CDC also pointed out that even though the rubber is used the right way but consumers don’t use it on a regular basis, there’s still chance of getting an STD or becoming pregnant. As such, it stressed the importance of correct and consistent use to make the condom effective in its purpose.

By correct usage, it means the rubber needs to be put on from the tip to the base when the penis is in erect position. The tip should be pinched a little before the condom is rolled up to the base of the penis making sure that no air gets inside. This is to provide space for the semen during ejaculation. The correct size should be used together with the right lubricant to ensure a smooth intercourse. This is to avoid slippage and breakage. Once ejaculation is achieved, the man should hold the base of the rubber firmly before pulling out.

It is important to note as well that a rubber can only be used once. A new one has to be used every time you have sex with your partner.

Consistent use, on the other hand, means the condom should be worn every time adults engage in sex. Unless married couples want to have a baby or add a new baby to the family, the rubber plays an important role in prevent STD transmission and pregnancy.

The latex condom has been the focus of several studies in the past. Many findings proved its effectiveness not only in preventing unwanted pregnancy but also in preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

The CDC reports that laboratory studies have found the latex rubber to be a good barrier in preventing the spread of STD particles. Although the level of protection can vary, the condom can block transmission as it provides a barrier to prevent the contact between a man and a woman’s genitals.

In the case of HIV, numerous epidemiologic studies have shown the effectiveness of the latex condom in preventing the spread of this virus that causes AIDS. The rubber has also been found to lower the risk of getting STDs.

There’s not much data regarding the failure of condoms in its main purpose. If there were cases of breakage or failure, experts pointed to incorrect and inconsistent use of the rubber.

In terms of breakage, what’s often the case is the condom used was smaller than the man’s penis or not using the right lubricant for the rubber. For latex to become effective, a water-based lube is highly recommended as an oil-based one can cause the rubber to weaken and break during intercourse.




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