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How Can Condoms Protect People

Condoms have been used by people for thousands of years now. Not many of you may even be aware that this rubber had been used by the Egyptians during the ancient times.

In the olden days, the condom was used as a prophylactic. Through the years, however, its use has expanded to being an effective way of preventing unwanted pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Experts point out that although condoms are not 100 percent safe, it can help people avoid infectious diseases that they can get from engaging in sexual intercourse with an infected partner. In addition, it can help prevent unwanted pregnancy particularly among the teens and other sexually active adults.

A condom works by serving as a barrier to prevent blood, semen or vaginal fluids from transferring from one person to another during intercourse. These fluids can contain bacteria or germs including the virus that causes AIDS and when they get to another person, there’s a huge possibility that the individual will also get infected.

One important thing to keep in mind, though, is to pick the right condom. There are two ways on how to select the condom that will protect you. The first step is to determine from the label that the product is made from latex or rubber. The latex condom has been proven through tests that it can prevent the spread of infectious diseases compared to the natural one made from lambskin. Find out as well that it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Similar to other products, condoms also have an expiration date which should be included in the packaging. Be wary of this and avoid using the rubber beyond its expiration date. The date is normally printed together with the date of manufacturing.

Another thing is the use of lubricant together with the rubber. The purpose is to prevent breakage and irritation which can lead to infection. Some condoms sold come with lubricants made from dry silicone, jellies or creams while the others don’t. In case the one you bought is not lubricated, you can always apply your own lubricant before engaging in a sexual intercourse. Just remember to use a water-based lubricant. Know that oil-based lubricants can weaken latex and may result in tearing of the rubber.

Finally, be sure to store your condoms in the right place particularly in an area where it’s cool and dry. Keep the rubber away from direct sunlight as extreme temperature can cause the latex to become gummy or brittle.




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