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Experience More Sensitivity Through Crown Condoms

If there’s one thing that couples desire during their sexual experience, it’s having more sensitivity and stimulation. While this can be done without the use of a rubber protection, those who wish to use a condom can freely do so by picking the thinnest type.

Whether you’re a teen or an adult, using a condom is very important these days. This is to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

Those looking for thin condoms can rely on the Crown brand by Japanese manufacturer Okamoto. Crown has its Skinless Skin which promises the most sensitive personal protective tool. Its other features are a non-contoured shape, a pink color and a reservoir tip that is lubricated. Also, it is odorless and tasteless. In terms of size, this rubber is slightly wider and longer than the regular one to provide the user more comfort.

According to the 10th Annual World’s Best condom Awards, Crown’s skinless skin is still the top winner. The brand has been holding the top spot for 10 straight years now. The award is based on the reviews of regular customers who were asked to test 40 of the best condoms on the market. The testers numbered 250 and were composed of students and couples of varied ages.

The Crown brand was preferred by most testers due to three major factors. These are sensitivity, reliability and comfort.

This rubber by Okamoto of Tokyo, Japan is a popular choice of porn stars. It is super thin but is very durable. And because it’s very thin, both men and women benefit from using the product. It makes the man feel like he’s not wearing any protective tool at all or what they call a bareback feeling. On the part of women, they are able to experience heightened sensitivity making them feel closer to their partner during sexual intercourse.

In addition, what makes this brand popular among adults is the fact that it has no latex smell. As such, couples can be sure to have a pleasurable and smooth sexual experience every time. They don’t have to worry about getting infectious diseases or getting pregnant as they’re well protected by the rubber.

Okamoto Rubber Industries, Inc. made sure to create the thinnest condom that is still durable and reliable using modern technology. This company has been involved in producing rubber and plastic products since 1935 and its condoms are the top selling in Japan. It values its customers which is why it continues to be committed to its goal of developing innovative products that will improve people’s lives.

The company got listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1949. By 1958, it merged with two other companies Nippon Gum Industries Ltd and Riken Rubber Co. Ltd. In 1974, it established its presence in the U.S. through the Okamoto USA Inc.

In Japan, Okamoto has three major plants. They are situated in Fukushima, Ibaraki and Shizuoka. The condoms are manufactured at the Ibaraki plant. What’s for sure moving forward is that the makers behind Crown condoms will continue to research on the best ways to come up with personal protection tools that ensure customer satisfaction.




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