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Durex History and facts

The Beginnings of Durex Condom and What It Is Today

Condom brands are aplenty these days but if you prefer to use the trusted ones, the Durex brand is one that stands out. SSL International, a British company, used to manufacture this brand until July 2010 when it was bought by Reckit Benckiser. The term Durex was not coined simply to create a brand name. It is actually an abbreviation of its features – durability, reliability and excellence. Durex is a leading condom brand and the most popular in the U.K. It holds the second spot in the U.S. market. Globally, it accounts for 25 percent of the market for this personal rubber protection. Each year, some one billion pieces are manufactured in the company’s 17 factories located in the different parts of the world. This condom comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, textures and flavors. Those looking for more heightened pleasure should use the Sensation, Ribbed and Pleasuremax Warming. The Sensation variant features hundreds of raised dots, the Ribbed type has ribs in unique positions while the Pleasuremax has both raised dots and ribs plus a warming lube for a hotter experience. Adults and teens who want to experience more sensation should go for the thin condoms. They can choose from the Elite, Fetherlite, Fetherlite Ultra and Deluxe. Durex also has nine varieties made from the latex material. These include the Sheik and Ramses brands which are also well known in the North American region. Apart from latex, Durex also has its Avanti which is the first male condom made from polyurethane and the Real Feel that provides a natural skin feeling. This material is best suited for adults who have very sensitive skin and allergic to latex. The company behind this condom, Reckitt Benckiser, is committed to help raise awareness on the importance of condom use. In fact during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, it gave out 150,000 condoms to all athletes free of charge. The condom maker is also now aggressively marketing the brand to increase its market share particularly in the U.S. Currently, Durex accounts for only 15 percent of the U.S. condom market valued at $430 million the reason for its expansion plans. Just this year, it launched online contests and hosted parties for highly influential bloggers and sexy celebrity couples. On the top social networking site, Facebook, Durex started a contest that encouraged users to nominate the official sex position of their state and it also organized house parties called Durex Girl Talk where samples and coupons were given out to those who attended. And just recently, the brand published funny fake ads on the internet to celebrate the much-hyped end of the world or what they call apocalypse. The series of fake ads were courtesy of advertising man Daniel James Evans.

In the U.K., Durex is known for its cheeky marketing campaigns. It is also carrying out the same promotion style in the U.S. in the hope of increasing the number of its American users notably targeting the 25 to 39 age group who are in relationships. In order to do this, Reckitt Benckiser not just doubled but tripled its marketing budget for the U.S.




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