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Condoms and lubricants

Condoms are often best used with the lubricant or the lube for short. Ask the men and they would right away say they need to have it before they start the act. For them, wetter is well, better when it comes to sex. Using a lubricant during sexual intercourse provides several benefits to both men and women. Firstly, it helps men have a deeper penetration for greater pleasure. Secondly, it makes the act less painful particularly on the part of women who are prone to vaginal dryness. The vagina can lose its natural wetness at times and this can be due to various factors such as stress, use of certain medications and birth-control pills. When this happens, the condoms can cause friction making the sexual act painful on the part of women. Another downside to that is the condom can tear owing to the friction. Types of Lubricants Lubricants are available in different types. They can be made from oil, petroleum, silicone and water. Oil-based lubes, however, are not advisable as they have a tendency to affect the condom material. The water-based lube is the most ideal and safest type to use because of its benefits. For one, it can be washed away and therefore does not pose any risk of infection. Also, it won’t stain your bed sheets being made from water. Those prone to yeast infections can also use it although they just need to pick one that does not contain glycerin. Condoms and Sex Toys Some condoms come with a lubricant included at the tip of the product. Make sure, however, that you read the label and find out the type being used before buying your supply. It should also be understood that you can still use additional lube if you want even while doing your thing with your partner. People using sex toys need to be particular about the lubricant they use as well. When shopping for the lube, it’s important to get one that will not damage the material from which the sex toy was made. Here are some recommended water-based lubes for your personal use. The Pjur Aqua for Women as its name suggests is water-based, has no odor, does not have a sticky consistency and not cause irritation. It is ideal for those with sensitive skin. The Astroglide is among the leading brands in the market. Made to simulate the natural body fluids, it is sure to provide lasting lubrication. Wet Original contains aloe vera and vitamin E and promises long lasting lubrication. It does not have color, any odor and won’t cause stains. It is also safe to use on latex materials. If flavored Lubricants are your thing, Swiss Navy is well known for its flavored lubes. This brand is available in four flavors such as the wild cherry, passion fruit, strawberry kiwi and pina colada. They are free from sugar and paraben and come in a pump bottle. They’re great for use with sex toys as well as condoms.




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